Apprenticeship Funding for Non-Levy Employers 

Reserve Funding from 9th January 2020

9th January 2020

Apprenticeship Off the Job Training

Various documents

13th September 2019

Apprenticeship Funding Rules

Guidance Update 9th January 2020

ESFA Apprenticeship Funding Bands Update

Update: 9th May 2019


Recognition of Prior Learning

11th March 2019

Apprenticeship Technical Funding Guide

Update published.

4th July 2018

Register of End Point Assessment Organisations

Update published.

11th April 2019

Apprenticeship Levy Transfer

Transferring unused levy funds to other employers

20th February 2019

Apprenticeship Non-Levy

April 2019 - March 2020

30th January 2019

Transferring Unused Apprenticeship Funds to Other Employers

Update published outlining the ability to transfer Levy funds to multiple employers 

27th June 2018

QAR 2017-18

A range of documents have been published today, please follow this link

27th June 2018

Apprenticeship Funding & PM Rules 2018-2019

Update published 9th August 2018.

9th August 2018

ESFA Funding

The ESFA has published guidance on the Legal Agreement to enable spending using the Apprenticeship Service with updates relating transfer of funds

10th April 2018

ESFA Update

Business Update: issue 32 April 2018

4th April 2018

Apprenticeship Service Transition

User feedback 

9th August 2018

Apprenticeship and Levy Statistics

July 2018 

12th July 2018

Apprenticeships: Subcontracting

Using Subcontractors in the delivery of Apprenticeships

8th August 2018

Apprenticeship Funding and Performance Management Rules 2017-18

The ESFA published updates to the following documents (click here for link):

  • Apprenticeship Funding: Rules & Guidance for Employers (May 17 - July 18 V3)

  • Apprenticeship Funding: Rules for Employer Providers (May 17 - July 18 V3)

  • Apprenticeship Funding: Rules & Guidance for Training Providers (May 17 - July 18 V6)

  • Apprenticeship Funding and Performance Management Rules - Addendum 1 (May 17 - March 18) 

  • Apprenticeship Funding & Performance Rules 2017-18: Summary of Changes (May 17 - July 18)

29th March 2018